Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Secondlife Helpful Tools Meme

I use the Firestorm Viwer and changed it to the silver setting cause i prefer it over the dark default look. I don't wear the HUDs you see here all the time, usually I wear only my AO since I enjoy to do hunts at times and that makes it kinda lagfree for me.

The HUDs you see here are:

1. Anypose Expression Hud:
I use this HUD to control my eyes or the eyes of others while I do pictures. The hand options are not much of use for me in the time of Slink Mesh Hands.

2. Animare Pose & Animation System:
A greast tool to correct poses or to simply create own single poses in-world which can be saved and uploaded to Secondlife.

3. HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe:
I have my Huddles for years now and dont wanna miss it. There are a few copies of it in my inventroy one filled with my Dances and a a few others for poses. I found out that wearing the HUD before tping into a no script sim lets me use it there to pose. Same when I have a model on the HUD before tping , then i can pose her there with the HUD too.

4. Firestorm Phototools:
I love the FS Phototools where the in my opinion most important features are put together handy to use.

5. My AO
I picked up the Vista HUD free since it was empty and filled it with animations from different stores to get the AO i wanted.