Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gwen 4.8

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Yes today is one of the rare times I write something to a blogpost. And I think it will be a lot to read. Sorry for that. The reason is I will try to write a review about the CaTwA Mesh Head Gwen from Catwa Clip. Gwen is one of her latest releases and was the first of her heads that got an extention Set of Facial Expressions, which can be bought serpareatly. The Head can be bought in the CaTwAMainstore for 3599 L$ on Marketplace for 3610 L$.
When you open your folder it will look like this:
Just wear the head and if needed the Head & Eyes Alpha. I personally wear a Full Body Alpha Layer since my Meshbody is more or less glued to my avi. lol
The next you should add is the Main HUD to customize your Head to your personal Use.
Opening it you see a list of Icons on the Info Tab which leads you by clicking to the different places CaTwA is „connected“ to. Like the Mainstore, CaTwAs Flickr, the Flickr Group where you can add your pictures if you want, YouTube and Facebook.
On the next Tab (Ting, Alpha, Lashes) you can choose from 6 different upper and lower lashes which you can combine as you wish. Ont the Bottom or the picture above you see teh differetn lashes types. In the lower area on the left you can pick a button, skin, lips etc and then tint it . No worries if you messed it up just click the Reset button or choose the white button next to the RGB ;)
The right side explains itself, the Hide and show part. I usually hide the ears because I wear most of the time my elf ears.
The next tabs are pretty much self explaining too. There you find the different Make-Up possibilities (Eyebrows, Eye Makeup, Blush and Lipstick) and Skins. You can save your own CaTwA Eyeshadows and Co in the Empty Fields by just clicking the Save button. You can even save Lipsticks by overwriting the presets but if you do that you better make a copy of your Main HUD first. .
The next HUD is the Hair Teeth Neck HUD. The Info Tab is the same setup as the Main HUD ones so we go straight to the next tabs.
The first 2 Tabs have presets of all the CaTwA Haircolors as Hairbases for the Head. Just click till you find the matching one or save your own ones (they have to be hairbases for CaTwa or Omega supported, for the Omega ones you will need the Omega Relay). Again you find the possibilitie to tint parts like the Hairbase, Teeth etc.. You can click the Neck Fix from 5 different sizes. Best is to try out which one fits the best.
The lower part I didnt really figured out yet but will take a closer look at it in the next days.
In the last Tab you can find differetn teeth options at the upper part. They are displayed on the picturs at the bottom and if you create or buy others that work with the CaTwA System you can save them. Like you can save Neck Tattoos in the lower part of the tab.
Last but not least there is the Animations HUD. On the first Tab (Basic) you find several buttons like the Eyes AO. I keep it usually on since it stops the eyes from following the cursor which can be pretty annoying for pictures. In the middle you can set the blinking speed of your Avatar and 4 Eyes and 3 Lip Positions (shown Here)
On the bottom you find 9 Moods. They can be seen on the pictures next to the HUD Tabs and in the Video above.
The second Tab is Upgrade. These animations/moods are NOT activated by default. They can be bought seperatly for 5,000 L$ at the In-WorldStore or on Marketplace. The name of this Upgrade Pack is called (in this case) „CaTwA Head Gwen Upgrade Activator“. I wrote in this case because every Mesh Head from Catwa got an own Activator.
You can play around and mix and match Eye an Mouth animations as you wish. For pictures just click the Pause button that appears on the left and teh animation freezes. If you like the combination you did of Eyes and Mouth Animation you can even save them. Just click the disc button on the bottom and then choose a number from the popup menu to save it.
You can see HERE the different animations.

I hope it wasn't to boring for you to read all my writing. Plus that I had not too much typos in the text since my Text program refused to be set to english.


Head: CaTwA – Gwen v4.8
Body, Hands and Feet: Maitreya – Lara
Head-Applier: *YS and YS* – Ariel in Tone 00
Skin-Applier: *YS and YS* in Tone 00
Eyes: Ikon – Triumph Eyes in Glass
Hair: CaTwA – Malak v1
Necklace. *YS and YS* – Wish Necklace Star
Dress: Sahara'S – Penelope in Black

Pose: KaTink – Pookey 01 Head Straight NEW

Backdrop for Blog Pictures: KaTink – SoftLight 1

Sim on Picture 1:  Noelia

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