Saturday, January 23, 2016



Head: CaTwA – Gwen NEW
Body and Hands: Maitreya – Lara
Head-Applier: *YS and YS* - Taylor in Tone 04 (@ Shiny Shabby) NEW
Skin-Applier: *YS and YS* - Tone 04
Feet: Slink
Eyes: Ikon – Charm Eyes in Brown
Hair in Picture 1-3: elikatira – Edyta
Hair in Picture 2: elikatira – Iria

Picture 1:
Dark Water Designs – Sequined Gown (White Path of teh BoW Hunt) NEW
Picture 2:
left: Wicked – skirt, top and heels (black and white Path BoW) NEW
middle: Demotik – Jacket & Skirt (White Path BoW Hunt) NEW
Shoes: Demotik Black Path BoW Hunt NEW
right: Country Couture - BoW Black Hunt Path Gift NEW
Picture3:Dark Water Designs - Black Floral Cocktail Dress (BoW Black Path Gift) NEW

Picture 1: KaTink – Silky Smooth (female Poseball)
Picture 2:
left: by me, middle: by me, right: KaTink – Together again (female Poseball)
Picture 3: by me

Backdrop Picture 3: KaTink – L'Arc en Ciel 3

BoW is the Black or White Hunt which is running till January 31st :)

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